Health Safety & Environment (HSE)

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RGL’s commitment to HSE is a cornerstone of our Core Values

We are committed to ensuring that our work place is safe and is designed to protect employees, property, subcontractors, and our communities from any situation that might result in personal injury or illness, environmental impact, or property loss. We can accomplish our shared goals with teamwork and a focus on the continuous improvement of our HSE Management System. RGL is a member of, and has a certificate of recognition (COR) through the Manufacturer’s Health & Safety Association certifying partner #20130919-9622

RGL is committed to a workplace free of incidents and fosters a philosophy to manage all work activities to reduce hazards, minimize our environmental impact, and to protect equipment. Our performance depends on the ability to continually improve on the services we provide to our clients and stakeholders through strategic HSE processes founded on Management Commitment, Front Line Accountability, and Personal Commitment.

We are committed to:

  • Safety and Risk management
  • Compliance with relevant legislation
  • Training and Resource management
  • Accountability

Each individual working within RGL has a moral and professional obligation to follow this policy fully. By doing so we create a safety culture and working environment where probability of harm is reduced to a level as low as reasonably achievable

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