RGL is one of the world's most experienced providers of flow control technology, with over 30 years of expertise in the design, manufacture and field installation of flow control devices.

Our unique and proven flow control technology is currently in use in over 1,100 individual wells in the Canadian Oil Sands, the Middle East, Mexico, South America and around the globe.

With tested know-how and in-depth technical understanding of reservoir conditions, we deliver flow control solutions capable of handling any oil well and downhole environment. View our complete line of tubing and liner deployed flow control devices to learn how we can support your next project.

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Production Diverter Pup
  • Tubing deployed inflow control device
  • Can be customized for flow and pressure drop requirements in terms of non-shift (NS) and 2 position (2P) sleeve options with multiple ports, orifices, or nozzles
  • Can be opened or closed in one trip via coiled tubing
Production Control Joint
  • Liner deployed Autonomous Inflow Control (AICD)
  • Independently and autonomously controls steam breakthrough
  • Smooth OD for lower installation loads
  • Can be used for both inflow and outflow in SAGD

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