Innovation at Work

Sand Control Solutions

RGL’s new proSLOT™ coated slotted liners extend the in-situ service life of seamed slotted liners operating in the most extreme downhole conditions. Lined with RGL’s proprietary proCOAT™, a substrate metallic bond that increases corrosion resistance, scale resistance and abrasion wear resistance, proSLOT is designed specifically to exploit the most challenging reservoirs. Learn More.

Sand Control Solutions

Ongoing experience, research, and customer needs, show that reservoirs with varying characteristics require unique sand control methodologies, and with that knowledge, RGL has launched an additional product line. Learn More.

Flow Control & Steam Distribution

With more than 22,000 inflow and outflow devices in SAGD and CSS applications, RGL has provided services to more than 1,100 wells in Alberta alone. We bring to new well and re-completions experience, technical knowledge and a portfolio that delivers solutions for optimized production. Learn More.

Game Changers

proCOAT™ Coating Technology

A substrate metallic bond that increases corrosion resistance, scale resistance and abrasion wear resistance, thereby improving the long-term performance of sand control products designed to exploit heavy oil and bitumen reservoirs as well as conventional sandy and viscous applications.


Designed specifically for SAGD applications to provide steam blocking within the device while allowing for the optimal production of oil/water emulsion. The AICD also allows the production engineer to operate wells more efficiently by lowering the sub-cool, thereby allowing the reservoir to produce unrestricted and at its full production rate.


RGL’s proprietary modelling programs, including those developed in collaboration with one of Canada’s leading energy industry operators, provide operators with a deeper understanding of the physics and mathematics of their operations by considering the conservation of mass, momentum and energy. Since steady-state modelling and analysis can be more challenging to simulate than transient modelling and analysis in SAGD operations, the RGL program incorporates both heat transfer and thermodynamic modelling, which is then coupled with reservoir and wellbore flow dynamics

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