Published on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

RGL awarded large contract for flow control devices

Calgary, AB – May 29, 2018 – A leading operator in Canada’s heavy oil industry has awarded RGL Reservoir Management a contract to supply customized inflow control devices (ICDs) for installation in thermal wells in the Athabasca oil sands region.
The order for RGL’s Production Control Joint (PCJ) is the result of intensive fit-for-service analysis that ensures the design and implementation of the flow control devices (FCDs) will benefit the project and satisfy the operator’s demanding requirements. This order of FCDs emphasizes RGL’s mission to be a leader in integrated sand and flow control solutions in both conventional and heavy oil operations around the world.
“This is an exciting opportunity for RGL to showcase the benefit of custom-designed ICDs and how they can improve performance,” said Brent Fermaniuk, VP of Business Development. “We are confident that these tools are going to optimize performance for our client and show the benefit of using a specialist solution provider in flow control.”
The PCJ is a liner-deployed autonomous, nozzle-based inflow control device engineered flow optimization for vertical, horizontal or deviated well completions. This PCJ is specifically engineered to provide advanced steam-blocking effects in an ICD, combined with preferential production of oil.  Oil production is unhindered with the PCJ design and is preferentially produced over both water and gas. Installing multiple PCJs has been shown to improve recovery rates and optimizes the inflow profile along the production interval.

Learn more about the PCJ and RGL’s lineup of flow control devices here:

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