Published on Thursday, July 26, 2018

RGL’s proLAB™ grows from service offering to recognized research laboratory

Calgary, AB – July 26, 2018 – RGL Reservoir Management Inc.’s proLAB™ is gaining momentum as a one-of-a-kind research service assisting operators as they optimize some of the world’s toughest reservoirs. With a reputation as a market leader in sand control solutions, RGL is seeing a rise in demand for its proLAB™ offerings.

An elite technical team dedicated to developing successful completions programs by focusing on near-wellbore conditions and sand control strategies for optimized production, the proLAB™ team includes sand control and near wellbore physics experts who hold a diverse industrial and academic background. They come with experience working in physical modelling and experimental test and facility design for petroleum geomechanics, rock mechanics and geotechnics all over the world.


Based at RGL’s Flow Control Facility in Leduc, Alberta, Canada, proLAB™ came to fruition when the original team members, Dr. Vahid Fattahpour, PhD; Mahdi Mahmoudi, PhD; and Morteza Roostaei, PhD, brought their sand control testing, reservoir modelling and well completion experiences together. The team collaborated to provide new insight on conventional and unconventional thermal production worldwide.

Later, a joint research project between RGL and the University of Alberta provided a remarkable chance to develop the lab’s sand control testing facilities in thermal production. These facilities were further developed in RGL’s Research and Development department. Over the years as proLAB™ has grown, new testing facilities have been developed depending on the needs and requirements of industry.

Today, proLAB™ provides a variety of services to the industry, including sand size and shape characterization, liner-joint failure analysis, flow loop testing and sand control testing and design. proLAB™ has served clients worldwide including in the Middle East, Latin America and North America. Main testing facilities include Scaled Retention Testing, Full Scaled Completion Testing, Scab Liner Testing and High Temperature – High Pressure Scaled Retention Testing.


proLAB™ has been continuously funded and supported by the Industrial Research Assistance Program, which helps firms develop technologies and successfully commercialize them in a global marketplace. proLAB™ also has active cooperation with research and educational institutes, training students through internship programs annually.

Most recently, RGL’s R&D manager and proLAB™ member Dr. Fattahpour was awarded a Rising Stars Class of 2018 for his contributions to the oil and gas industry.

The proLAB™ team has published over 30 papers in international conferences and journals worldwide and its members present lectures and hold workshops worldwide every year. For more information about RGL’s sand control products, visit or email

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