Published on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Large multi-well FCD project win signals RGL as expert

An RGL-designed flow control device.

Calgary, AB – August 8, 2018 - A large E&P company has awarded RGL Reservoir Management Inc. a multi-well flow control device (FCD) project, which further solidifies the company as a leading expert in the sand and flow control field. The contract follows two years of engineering, design and dynamic flow testing, specifically to optimize FCDs for the E&P company’s exploitation strategy. RGL is a unique full-service completions company, focusing on high-end engineering, through to product manufacturing and field services. RGL’s full life-cycle engineering approach and technical understanding further ensures operators of product performance and excellence.
“We are thrilled to show the industry that in addition to making high-quality completions tools, we offer high-end engineering services from simulation modelling, nozzle Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design, and flow testing

to tool design and field services,” said RGL Flow Control Engineering Manager Dr. Da Zhu. Other major operators are showing significant interest in engineered sand and flow control solutions, citing the benefits of RGL’s engineering service and physical lab testing coupled with intelligently manufactured products. Operators are relying on RGL’s expertise to provide consistent, high-quality, cost-effective completion products and solutions.

RGL has been designing and manufacturing sand control products for 23 years, demonstrating a high level of innovation and dependability for both domestic and international thermal operators. To date, RGL has designed and/or manufactured more than 10,000 flow control devices with sand control.

This year, RGL has been investing resources into expanding its nozzle offerings. Last month, RGL launched the DS™ High Velocity FCD Nozzle, ideal for all steam-injection applications and capable of recovering greater pressure than comparable designs.

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